VoC and CX Analytics

Over the years, what started as the Voice of the Customer and its importance to a company’s growth and sustainability evolved into Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. The latest evolution in this space is all about Customer Experience (CX) Analytics. After a recent set of frustrating calls with some Insurance companies, I took a deep dive into this space and here’s what I found: It’s a fairly nebulous space with some niche players but no clear […]

Top Technology Trends for 2019

As we sift through the data overload and multitudes of analyst reports, it’s easy to lose perspective of emerging trends. Here’re my top picks from an enterprise perspective: Automation – also known as autonomous things or robotics or RPA, this space covers everything that uses AI (with varying degrees of sophistication) to perform tasks done by humans Blockchain – while much has been said and discussed about Blockchain, 2019 promises to be a year in which this technology will make […]

Cloud is transforming HCM efficiency

As companies think about a new year’s priorities, employees are often at the top. Cloud-based solutions are providing human capital management a much needed boost in driving employee efficiencies and reducing costs. Consider these figures: Using cloud-delivered HCM services, enterprises may experience reductions in total cost of ownership (TCO) of up to 36%, according to International Data Corporation (IDC) 33% higher revenue and 95% higher net income per employee is recognized in organizations with an integrated HMS and Talent Management […]