As we sift through the data overload and multitudes of analyst reports, it’s easy to lose perspective of emerging trends. Here’re my top picks from an enterprise perspective:

  • Automation – also known as autonomous things or robotics or RPA, this space covers everything that uses AI (with varying degrees of sophistication) to perform tasks done by humans
  • Blockchain – while much has been said and discussed about Blockchain, 2019 promises to be a year in which this technology will make a meaningful and scalable impact in the enterprise as game changers like Algorand (supported by Algo Capital) launch their platforms
  • Edge Computing – currently focused on the needs of the IoT world, analysts expect a steady increase in the embedding of sensors, storage and AI in edge devices basically moving intelligence to a variety of industrial devices as well as screens, smartphones and automobiles.
  • Augmented Analytics – Data Science and machine learning platforms have transformed how businesses generate analytics insight so much so that by 2020, analysts predict that more than 40% of data science tasks will be automated
  • Data Privacy – new terms like Digital ethics and trust are being coined in this space but the bottom line is enterprises not only need to be compliant now but also trustworthy as customers are much more savvy about the value of their personal information

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